Fever: The Hunt for Covid’s Origin

Documentaire-serie BBC over OriginOfCovid.

Welcome to Fever: The Hunt for Covid’s Origin

Politicised, polarised, and caught up in a chaos of cover-ups, coincidences, and conspiracy theories, it’s one of the biggest questions of our time: where did Covid come from?

  1. Batshit

As a deadly new virus starts spreading in Wuhan, China, so do rumours about a lab there. What does the lab do? And what does it all have to do with bat droppings?

  1. A Question of Trust

A team of top scientists ask where Covid came from. But can they trust data from China? Claims of cover-ups and conspiracy theories complicate the search for an answer.

  1. Uncertainty and Trump

US President Donald Trump says he’s confident Covid leaked from a Wuhan lab. But scientists seem certain it didn’t. What does the evidence show?

  1. Mission: Impossible

A World Health Organization team heads to Wuhan to search for the origin of Covid. But with the Chinese government closely involved, how free will they be to find the truth?

  1. Labs, Safety, and Risk

A new US president helps bring the lab leak theory into the mainstream. How safe are top-security laboratories? And do the benefits of their work outweigh the risks?

  1. Back to the Market

What really went on in the Wuhan market linked to many of the first cases. And the curious case of the raccoon dog.

  1. The Suspicion Business

Mysterious deaths in Soviet Russia and what they might tell us about the origin of Covid. Should we treat information from inside authoritarian states with trust – or suspicion?

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